Past Performances

Arlington Library
We were happy to kick-off the new Arlington Library Concert Series. Wonderfully enthusiastic audience of all ages.

Karen Einstein wrote in May 2016 about the St John’s coffee house:
“That was a fun, brilliant, beautiful show. I arrived feeling beaten and bedraggled by the world and left feeling alive and inspired again. Truly, nourishment for the soul. Thanks to all of the musicians…”

Past Performances
Backroom at the Burren, Somerville, MA
St. John’s Coffeehouse, Arlington, MA
Old Schwamb Mill, Arlington, MA
Arlington Center for the Arts, Arlington, MA
Durant-Kenrick House, Newton, MA
The Stone Church, Bellows Falls, VT
Munroe Saturday Nights, Lexington, MA
Creative Arts Workshop, New Haven, CT
Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA
Cantab Lounge, Cambridge, MA

Here’s a video from the Old Schwamb Mill concert


Concert at Gallery 263
We enjoyed playing a few times in the pretty little Gallery 263 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More Child Ballads, some Foggy Mountain Consort standards, and the first time we tried a sing along after. The sun streamed in, the sound was just right filling the space acoustically, and our new programming blended old with new more than before.

Lauck put it beautifully when he said this:

“I’m happily surprised to find more rhythmic drive in our pieces than in most Early Music, but a richer and gentler soundscape than in Bluegrass. It’s wonderful to be able to extend the string band idea across five centuries.”

Concert at Arlington Center for the Arts
On January 26, 2013 the band performed for the inaugural 25th anniversary gala of the Arlington Center for the Arts. FMC was the focal event at an evening celebration to raise funding for the Center. Final proceeds were in the thousands, but more importantly, the consort was well received and much appreciated. All photos by Linda Schumacher.

Pictured below: Art Schatz, violin. Lauck Benson, banjo. Doug Freundlich, violone. Also below, Peter Lehman, theorbo. Anne Goodwin, voice and guitar.


A recent article in The Arlington Advocate by Sandra Miller said:

When Peter Lehman play the theorbo, he cradles the large 17th century lute so intimately, his chin nearly touching the fret board the body held tight to his chest, that one gets the sense he’s listening to the quiet whisperings of a Renaissance muse. Then slowly, one-by-one, Lehman is joined by the four other members of the Foggy Mountain consort – a double bass player, a singer, a banjo player and a fiddler. Then something quite unexpected happens: time folds, the volume swells, and the classical music mixes with bluegrass melodies in a rich, exquisite layering of sound, centuries and styles.


Other Recent events:

Concert at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, Connecticut June 1, 2013
The concert at the CAW was a great success raising almost $8000 for this wonderful, community arts center.

The Creative Arts Workshop (CAW) is a long standing community arts center, in many ways, the perfect school for the arts. Founded in 1960s by a group of New Haven artists and teachers, the CAW brought art to so many people through its classes, shows and wide ranging involvement in the community. From kids classes to university courses (Yale uses the school for some seminar classes) it is a truly diverse and welcoming place for the arts.

Proceeds went to the CAW